Betty studied nursing and holds the University of Tasmania's Bachelor of Nursing Degree. She also studied extensively with Sandy MacGregor and became certified as an Independent Credentialed Calm Coach (ICCC), qualifying her to teach Sandy's Creative Accelerated learning Methods (CALM).

Having studied with eCornell University (USA), Betty holds a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition. This was a series of three online courses offered by the T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell, which trains physicians, nurses, pharmacists, dieticians and other health professionals.

Betty Munro has now become a member of PlantPure Nation - a group formed through the production of the film industry currently touring America, produced by the renowned scientist Dr T. Colin Campbell and his son - which carries the vitally important messages from his ground breaking research on disease and nutrition - the cornerstone of health - leading to the prevention and even reversal of our killer diseases of affluence.

Betty is now raising awareness of plant-based nutrition and has registered the not-for-profit organisation People Learning Undeniable Truths Organisation (PLUTO) in order to raise money to bring the film and books to Australia, and to assist with the cost of local young people taking the course or wishing to become involved in this important aspect of health.

Information on Plant-Based Nutrition is *FREE* and Betty will be happy to speak with any individual or to any group of six or more people!