Being able to see clearly without glasses for one’s entire life is not a new idea. It was started by Dr. William Bates whom was born in 1860. He was a highly respected orthodox physician and surgeon who operated on the organs of the head. 

He discovered that eyes could heal and he became dissatisfied with the Ophthalmological Association and said “Glasses do not cure anything, they are only a crutch, causing dependence and further deterioration.”. 

Dr Bates asked his colleagues to explore his unconventional theories but they ridiculed him and continued with their personal attacks so he left his New York practice and went away to Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he developed the programme that we use today and has been handed down through the century by the dedicated teachers who followed in his footsteps.

Your child's sight is precious. Are you and your child equipped with the knowledge to save it, in a world where modern technology is making ever increasing demands upon it? Do you want to see your child's beautiful clear, sparkling eyes lose their natural lustre behind ever thicker artifical lenses? Optometrists will tell you that "nothing can be done about it". Do you ever wonder why?