Betty Munro BN is widely-travelled and an experienced teacher in a variety of areas, through all age groups and many cultures. A triple-Gold Medallist from the UK she has taught ice skating in Australia for a number of years.

Whilst living in the Philippines she taught English to Japanese diplomats, their wives and their children. She became very interested in Natural Vision Improvement after attending a lecture given by the late Dr. Janet Goodrich in 1978.

At that time her vision was not impaired, but later while studying nursing, Betty developed reading blur. In 1994 Betty attended the Teacher Training Course with Janet Goodrich PhD, author of the best seller 'Natural Vision Improvement' and 'Help Your Child to Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses'.

Betty went on to study Child Vision, becoming certified in the theoretical and practical requirements for teaching children of all ages, individually and in groups.

It included learning the humanistic philosophy and scientific rationale necessary to activate the innate healing power of children, guiding them towards self-love and self-regulation using songs, imagination games, nutrition awareness and the acquisition of colour and emotional healing skills needed to address myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, strabismus and fusion.

Betty continued to study with Dr. Janet Goodrich and acquired further knowledge in the areas of relaxation, visualization, movement, brain integration and emotional  transmutation, qualifying her to be able to contribute to the improvement of functional vision.